5 Facts You Didn't Know About Parking Lot Striping

In busy areas, parking space has to be provided to avoid confusion. Also, it has to be well structured such that everyone can know where to park without any guidance. Although a parking lot is not the first things when it comes to structuring a building, you will be surprised of the many benefits it has.

Here are five facts you will be surprised to learn about parking lot striping

It attracts customers

Think of this: are you more likely to visit a place that has adequate and well-organized parking or an area that has a very disorganized parking? Most people are attracted to places where they feel their cars are safe even when they are not around. Parking lot striping makes a site look organized and neat. You don't even need anyone to guide you to a parking space, and hence, more customers get to visit your business.

It saves cost

Parking lot striping is way cheaper compared to other paving choices. More importantly, it is of good quality. Who doesn't want to save on cost and at the same time get quality material?

It is not biased

For any parking lot to be stripped, it has to comply with the Americans Disability Act. Therefore, any place that has parking lot striping can be accessed by anyone. The physically challenged persons have their parking space, and that makes sure that everyone feels welcomed and valued.


People are attracted to neat places. Parking lot striping involves marking the lot with visible lines, and in some cases, different colors are used. When people are passing by your building, they will be attracted by the neat and organized lot.

Easy to navigate

For most drivers, especially the inexperienced drivers, parking is usually a hard task. So, if space is not organized and clear, parking becomes even harder. Luckily, parking lot stripping is very clear and easy to use. For that reason, you are saved from liabilities which may arise if anyone was to sue you for any accidents because the blame will not be on you.

Are you still wondering whether parking lot striping is the best choice? Contact the team at Action Pavement Striping today for more information, we provide OSHA safety line striping services!

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