Benefits of OSHA Compliant Factory Striping

OSHA is a common term in factory or warehouse settings. The word OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The goal is to help reduce job-related deaths, illnesses, and injuries by assisting in enforcing specific safety practices and regulations within a workplace.

Safer work conditions enable factories to cut down on compensation claims, defective products, and medical expenses. OSHA mandates many of the floor stripping on factory settings and ensures they meet the requirements of color schemes and acceptable guidelines. 

Reduces accidents and injuries

It achieves this by making sure that all floor markings have the required color schemes. OSHA inspects factory stripping to ensure compliance to the right color schemes. Different color schemes indicate different hazards. For example, red floor stripping is used to notify workers that they should enter the area with caution. Yellow floor stripping indicates caution. Other color schemes must follow the ANSI guidelines.

Increases occupational safety

Color schemes like green indicate safety. Blue floor stripping meant information and patterned or stripped floor stripping tapes indicate attention. According to the same guidelines, orange floor stripping indicates a warning. Red floor stripping indicates fire protection equipment and also acts as a stop sign.

Reduces risks of costly mistakes

In case of an emergency, the floor stripping help guide employees to safety and assist them in mitigating the disaster by taking appropriate actions. According to OSHA guidelines, the width and size of the stripping should be appropriate to enable someone see clearly what is ahead. This enables them to make prompt decisions to save lives.

The stripping prevents people from blocking areas around electrical equipment. For instance, areas around high voltage equipment should be clear so that people do not accidentally fall into them.

Different floor stripping shapes help protect people in the factory facility. For instance, footsteps are used to lead people in the right direction while in the facility. Warning signs spell out specific hazards to improve safety. Exit signs direct people towards the closest exit while arrow signs assist people to get to other places and also point to an evacuation area.

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