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What are the bags made out of?

Insul-Bag is constructed from our top quality filtration grade non-woven fabric (spun-bond polypropylene). All of our fabrics are filtration grade and qualified for use in all liquid filtration applications. We never use material purchased on secondary markets or overseas.

What are the dimensions of the bag?

Insul-Bag is a 4’ x 6’ waste removal bag with an 11” collar that can be easily fastened to all makes and models of insulation removal vacuums.

How much waste can the bag hold?

All bags are capable of holding up to 75 cubic feet of waste/debris

Do you offer any guarantees on performance?

We guarantee that if used properly, our bags will never rip or break while in use. If a bag does ever rip or break in the normal course of use, we will offer to replace that bag, free of charge.

How are these bags packaged?

Our standard box quantity of Insul-Bag is 25 bags. However, we offer 5 different box sizes to ensure the most cost effective freight on every order, no matter how many bags you order.

How are these bags shipped? Where are they shipped from?

Insul-Bag ships from our Livonia, MI location via UPS.

How are you able to offer these bags at such low cost?

Our bags are manufactured entirely by Flo-Tec from start to finish, allowing us a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to pricing. This also allows Insul-Bag to proudly carry the label of “MADE IN THE USA”

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