Parking Lot Striping

Top-Quality Parking Lot Striping Services in Southeast Michigan

Parking Lot Striping Services in Southeast Michigan by Action Pavement Striping & MaintenanceWe Go the Extra Mile to Give You Flawless, Long-Lasting Stripes

Action Pavement Striping is the one to call when you’re looking for high-quality parking lot pavement striping. Whether you need new lines laid out in your parking lot or a simple restriping of your existing lot lines - we can help! We provide local and professional pavement striping services to our customers in the Southeast Michigan area. Our team can schedule parking lot striping services that will work within your budget, while meeting all of your needs. We understand that you’re busy and need to keep everything running smoothly, that’s why our team does its best to minimize inconveniences. 

We Have Parking Lot Stencils to Support the Needs of Many Top Franchises in the Area

When it comes to running a business, appearance can make a huge impact on your success or failure. You want to make sure that your property looks clean, modern and well-maintained. At Action Pavement Striping, we have official parking lot stencils for many of the top franchises so we can freshen the paint in your parking lot using the exact patterns and images that coincide with your company's branding. We carry official franchise parking lot stencils for Walmart, CVS, McDonald's, Burger King, Walgreens, Wendy's and more! 

We Can Handle Any Sized Parking Lot In Metro Detroit – and Fast!

At Action Pavement Striping, we combine the best of both worlds - quick drying paint and quick work. Our experienced Michigan team only uses the best equipment to get the job done. We work fast and efficiently using quick-drying paint for the crispest lines imaginable. From striping parking lots to handicapped spaces - no task is too big or small. Need curb painting or stenciling? We can also do that. We love our southeast Michigan customers and are willing to help them with all their striping needs!

Our Parking Lot Pavement Striping Approach Uses the Latest Products and Techniques

Fast-Drying Sherwin-Williams Paint

With expert striping techniques that are tried and true, we can do a thorough job in a minimal amount of time. We use Sherwin-Williams paints that can withstand even the toughest conditions. These special paints can dry in minutes. This means that your business experiences minimal inconveniences, downtime and disruption. However, don’t let the fast drying paint fool you! Sherwin-Williams paints have exceptional chemical and dirt resistance, and can easily adhere to concrete and asphalt surfaces for long lasting results.

State-of-the-Art LineLazers

At Action Pavement Striping, we use state-of-the-art Graco LineLazers as our preferred piece of equipment to lay down our razor-sharp lines on parking lots, roads and our recreational projects. These machines simplify the process for us, which allows our team to finish the job flawlessly in a shorter amount of time. This means you can get right back to your busy routine and experience as little delay as possible. 

Careful Planning and Extensive Experience

Each of our projects is unique, which is why they are always carefully planned and executed by our experienced professionals - who all share the passion for bringing your visions to life. We have a very diverse portfolio that encompasses us servicing municipal projects, property management developments, restaurant chains and much more. 

The team at Action Pavement Striping has a strong eye for even the smallest of details. This helps us create truly flawless work with each and every job we encounter.

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If you’re looking for fast, efficient and clean parking lot striping services, contact us today at (734) 652-4132. We will gladly help!